What are some of the biggest concerns along Duben Avenue West?

What are some of the biggest concerns along Duben Avenue East?

What are the current Municipality of Anchorage standards for Duben Avenue?  The Municipality of Anchorage must follow adopted plans, policies, and laws regarding public safety and roadway improvements. Improvements to Duben Avenue must have:

Will my private property be impacted?  The project team will develop alternatives for roadway corridor improvements with an emphasis on minimizing impacts to private property.  Given the challenges along both the East and West ends of this project, some private properties will be impacted.  The project team will work closely with property owners to mitigate any impacts. 

Will trees be cut-down?   Public safety is the number one priority.  Some trees within the publically-owned right-of-way will likely be removed.  If trees and other plants are located on private property but they are very close the right-of-way, their root systems may also be impacted by construction.  Any vegetation that is on private property but damaged by construction will be replaced. 

It sounds like the decisions have been made?  To a certain extent that is true.  There are minimum standards that must be met; however, residents provide valuable insight into the project area and often help us avoid negative impacts.  We value your comments and local knowledge of the area.  We will present draft alternatives for comments and feedback and will work closely with adjacent property owners on driveways, landscaping, and access. 

When will construction begin?  The soonest construction could begin is the summer of 2017. A general project timeline can be found on the Project Schedule page.

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